Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Dress / Clothes Available

Ready for shopping ? Here are some beautiful new fashion for sale. Postage will be arranged on the same day or next working day after payment confirmed.  Hurry while stock last.

Code : 8162

Price : RM40.00

Fabric: Cotton

Other accessories: elastic back zipper design

Length: 66cm (excluding straps)

Shoulder: 14cmWaist: 82cm

Bust: 78cm can stretch to: 96cm

Hem Width: 92cm

Code : 6624

Price : RM35.00

Material: Chiffon with lining

Lining: Yes

Size: Free Size 
Bust: 86CM to a maximum of: 97cm 
Length: 74CM
 Sleeve Length: 20cm
 Shoulder Width: 40cm

Code : 819

Price : RM38.00

Fabric: Cotton

Length: 118cm (excluding strap length)

Strap length: 16cm (adjustable) 

Bust: 66cm can stretch to: 88cm
Hem Width: 146cm

Code : 8343

Price : RM39.00

Fabric: Lace + Chiffon

Lining: Yes
Other accessories: side zipper
Length: 82cm

Sleeve Length: 10cm

Bust: 70cm can stretch to: 83cm
Cuff: 32cm

Hem Width: 96cm

Code : 1781
Price : RM43.00
Fabric: Cotton + Chiffon
Other accessories: elastic waist with a chain design
Length: 75cm
Sleeve Length: 16cm

Bust: 76cm can stretch to: 97cm
Cuff: 22cm

Hem Width: 116cm
Code : 8406
Price : RM39.00
Fabric: Chiffon
Style Description: Drawstring elastic waist design a buckle design
Length: 81cm
Shoulder Width: 34cm
Bust: 95cm
Waist: 68cm to stretch to the: 86cm

Arm: 40cm

Hem Width: 134cm


Code : 8314 (red)
Price :  RM37.00
Fabric: Chiffon
Lining: Yes

Other Accessories: waist and back with elastic
Length: 62cm
Bust: 66cm can stretch to: 90cm
Hem Width: 122cm
Code : 1678
Price : RM33.00
Fabric: Cotton
Length: 80cm
Bust: 102cm can stretch to: 126cm
Cuff: 28cm

Hem Width: 72cm

Code : 329
Price : RM36.00
Fabric: Chiffon
Lining: Yes
Length: 71cm
Sleeve Length: 16cm

Cuff: 26cm
Bust: 66cm can stretch to: 92cm

Hem Width: 116cm

Code : 8324

Price : RM38.00

Fabric: Chiffon

Lining: Yes

Other accessories: elastic waist
Length: 75cm
Sleeve Length: 13cm

Bust: 72cm can stretch to: 90cm
Waist: 60cm can stretch to: 75cm

Hem Width: 100cm

Code : 1795 (Belt included)
Price : RM50.00
Fabric: lace
Lining: Yes

Other accessories: a belt
Length: 65cm\
Bust: 76cm can stretch to: 89cm
Hem Width: 98cm



Code : 7207
Price : RM42.00
Fabric: Cotton

Other accessories: There are pockets and elastic waist back

Length: 121cm

Bust: 60cm can stretch to: 80cm

Waist: 58cm can stretch to: 77cm

Hem Width: 22cm

Code : 8392

Price : RM35.00

Fabric: Cotton + Lace Smooth

Length: 65cm

Bust: 68cm to stretch to the: 84cm

Hem Width: 98cm

Code : 8214

Price : RM40.00

Fabric: Cotton + Chiffon silk imported from Korea

Other accessories: chest, back zipper with elastic chest pad design

Length: 61cm

Bust: 68cm can stretch to: 89cm

Hips: 82cm

Hem Width: 98cm

Code : 8288

Price : RM5.00

Fabric: Cotton + Lace

Length: 71cm (excluding strap length)

Strap length: 17cm (adjustable)

Bust: 68cm can stretch to: 89cm

Hem Width: 118cm