Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Better dress, better look

Dress of the month available for sale. Hurry while stock last because only limited unit available.

Code : Leather jacket
  Price : RM46.00

Description : With leopard layering inside
Code : 8708 #
 Price : RM38.00
 Fabric: Cotton + Cotton
 elastic: high
 Style Description: two-piece knit T-shirt + striped vest
 Length: 42cm
Shoulder Sleeve Length: 35cm

 Bust: 112cm
Sleeve: 26cm
Hem Width: 96cm
 Vest: Length: 74cm
Bust: 72cm stretchable to: 88cm Hem: 93cm
Code : 1936 #

Price : RM46.00

Fabric: Chiffon
Lining: Yes
Style Description: Adjustable collar strap large lotus leaf design, fine pleated skirt design, elastic waist elastic design with inside
Length: 116cm (excluding strap length)

strap length: 11cm
Bust: 82cm
Waist: 60cm to stretch to the: 89cm
Hem Width: 248cm
Code : 1960 # (Blouse)
Price : RM36.00
Fabric: Chiffon

Lining: Yes
Style Description: flat design butterfly sleeves with elastic neckline and hem design inside
tile reference dimensions:

length: 50cm
Shoulder Sleeve Length: 28cm
Bust: Till 104cm
Hem Width: 59cm
Code : Summer 1933
Price : RM46.00
Fabric: Cotton
Style Description: can be pulled oblique or collar, collar and elastic waist design
Tile Reference Size:

Length: 117cm
Bust: 72cm to stretch to the: 100cm
Hem Width: 184cm

Code : Summer 1956 #Price : RM37.00
Fabric: Cotton
elastic: high
Style Description: Disney Mickey sleeved design printed map
tile reference dimensions:

length: 63cm
Shoulder Sleeve Length: 42cm
Bust: no limit.
Hem Width: 156cm
Code : 7509 #

Price : RM38.00

Fabric: Chiffon
Style Description: rose printed chiffon fabric, a lining, elastic waist elastic design.
tile reference dimensions:

length: 78cm
​​shoulder width: 33cm

Bust: Up to 98cm

Arm: 45cm

Hem Width: 125cm