Sunday, 20 February 2011

New dress design of the month

Hello friends, Here are the new fashion design of the month. Hurry grab while stock last. All dress are ready stock. Postage will be arrange within same day or next working day after payment confirmed.

Courier fees RM7.00 for whole Malaysia no matter how many item you buy.
Code : 8289
Price : RM36.00
Fabric: Cotton
Other accessories: the back and elastic waist design
Length: 72cm

Bust: 72cm can stretch to: 96cm

Hem Width: 116cm

Code : 10001 (white)

Price : RM35.00
Fabric: Cotton
Length: 75cm

Shoulder Width: 36cm

Sleeve Length: 27cm

Cuff: 28cm

Bust: 93cm

Arm: 40cm

Hem Width: 132cm

Code : 2273

Price : RM39.00

Fabric: Cotton + chiffon
Lining: Yes
Other Accessories: waist and back with elastic
Length: 69cm
Bust: 66cm can stretch to: 96cm
Hem Width: 122cm

Code : 8273 (Black Blouse)

Price : RM32.00

Fabric: Lace + Cotton
Length: 55cm
Sleeve Length: 20cm
Bust: 70cm can stretch to: 88cm
Arm: 40cm
Cuff: 32cm
Hem Width: 82cm
Code : 8369 (white)

Price : RM42.00

Fabric: Chiffon
Lining: Yes
Style Description: Bust loose grip multi-layered skirt wrinkled
Length: 67cm (excluding strap length)
Strap length: 12cm (adjustable)
Bust: 60cm to stretch: 74cm
Hem Width: 136cm
Code : 330
Price : RM38.00

Material: Chiffon with lining
Lining: Yes
Size: Free Size
Bust: 86CM to a maximum of: 98cm
Length: 74CM
Sleeve Length: 20cm
Shoulder Width: 40cm
Code : 8244
Price : RM39.00
Fabric: Lace + Cotton
Lining: Yes
External: Length: 68cm Shoulder: 37cm Sleeve: 38cm Bust: 70cm can stretch to: 90cm Arm: 35cm sleeves: 54cm Hem Width: 118cm  

Inside: length: 55cm (excluding strap length) strap length: 11cm Bust: 76cm can stretch to: 98cm Hem Width: 88cm