Sunday, 21 November 2010

Dresses ready for coming Christmas

Hi all, new design dress just arrive. Hurry order while stock last. All postage will be arrange within same day or next working day.

code : 90021

Price : RM38.00

Material: Chiffon

Size: Free
Shoulder Width: 20cm
Length: 85cm Sleeve: 37cm
Bust: 90cm
 Code: 1837
Price : RM50.00
Fabric: Cashmere
Lining: Yes
 Length: 43cm
Shoulder: 35cm
Sleeve: 58cm
Bust: 83cm can stretch to: 98cm
Arm: 40cm
sleeves: 27cm
Hem Width: 94cm

Code : 8273 (Blouse)

Price : RM32.00

Fabric: Lace + Cotton

Length: 55cm

Sleeve Length: 20cm

Bust: 70cm can stretch to: 88cm

Arm: 40cm

Cuff: 32cm

Hem Width: 82cm

Code : 9058 (white blouse included)

Price : RM38.00

Length: 71cm (excluding strap length)

Strap length: 20cm

Bust: 72cm can stretch to: 88cm

Width: 162cm

Code : 1796

Price :  RM35.00

Fabric: lace

Other accessories: zipper design

Length: 47cm (without cap length)

Sleeve Length: 56cm

Bust: 82cm can stretch to: 102cm

Cuff: 18cm

Hem Width: 70cm

Code : 8235

Price : RM38.00

Fabric: Cotton

Other accessories: chest, back, chest pad design with elastic

Length: 69cm

Bust: 70cm can stretch to: 92cm

Waist: 75cm 
Hem Width: 84cm
Code : 1778
Price : RM30.00
Fabric: Cotton
Length: 62cm
Sleeve Length: 16cm

Bust: 76cm can stretch to: 95cm

Arm: 36cm

Cuff: 28cm

Hem Width: 82cm
Code : 819
Price : RM38.00
Fabric: Cotton
Length: 118cm (excluding strap length)
Strap length: 16cm (adjustable)  

Bust: 66cm can stretch to: 86cm
Hem Width: 146cm

Code : 8452
Price : RM33.00
Fabric: Cotton
Style Description: wool knitting material Wide collar style
Length: 81cm
Shoulder Sleeve Length: 61cm

Bust: 80cm to stretch to; 92cm
Hem Width: 90cm



Code : 1789

Price : RM37.00

Fabric: Chiffon

Other accessories: elastic waist design

Length: 88cm

Sleeve Length: 12cmCuff: 46cm

Bust: 76cm can stretch to: 94cm'

Hem Width: 136cm




Code : Y2263 # blue (with belt)

Price : RM38.00

Material: Denim

Size: Free

Length: 65cm  
 Bust: 70cm

Code : 1762

Price : RM39.00

Fabric: Cotton + Silk

Other accessories: elastic waist side zipper design

Length: 77cm

Shoulder Width: 39cm

Sleeve Length: 11cm

Bust: 76cm can stretch to: 98cm

Cuff: 36cm

Hem Width: 90cm

Code : 10281
Price : RM38.00
Fabric : Silk + Cotton
Length: 64cm
Bust: 64cm can stretch to: 82cm
Hem Width: 122cm



Code : 8379

Price :  RM35.00

Fabric: Cotton + Satin

Style Description: elastic waist with pockets

Length: 70cm

Bust: 56cm can be pulled to stretch: 75cm

Hem Width: 102cm



Code : 7176

Price : RM37.00

Colour : Beige

Fabric: Lace + Cotton

Lining: Yes

Length: 85cm

Sleeve Length: 14cm

Bust: 80cm can stretch to: 98cm

Hem Width: 130cm



Code : 1759

Price : RM40.00

Fabric: Silk + Cotton

Lining: Yes

Other accessories: padded non-slip elastic back zipper design article
Length: 71cm
Bust: 80cm can stretch to: 98cm

Waist: 76cm

Hem Width: 92cm