Saturday, 19 March 2011

New dress design of the month

Ready stock dress for sale. Postage will be arrange same day or next working day after booking confirmed.
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Code : 8459

Price : RM35.00

Fabric: Cotton

Length: 75cm

Shoulder Width: 36cm

Sleeve Length: 56cm

Bust: 78cm can stretch to: 96cm

Arm: 38cm

Cuff: 22cm

Hem Width: 100cm
Code : 91335
Price : RM28.00
Code : 91364 (blouse)
Material : Cotton

Bust : 72cm to 93cm

Length : 53cm

Shoulder: 38cm to 40cm

Flexible : Strong

Accessories: included necklace
Code : 8232
Price : RM38.00
Fabric: Cotton
Length: 118cm (excluding strap length)
Strap length: 16cm
Bust: 66cm can stretch to: 89cm
Hem Width: 146cm
Code : 10005 (blue)

Price : RM45.00
Fabric: Chiffon

Lining: Yes

Style Description: elastic waist with belt

Length: 81cm

Shoulder Width: 37cm

Bust: 85cm

Waist: 54cm to stretch to the: 80cm

Arm: 44cm

Hem Width: 136cm
Code : 8369 (Black)
Price : RM42.00
Fabric: Chiffon

Lining: Yes

Style Description: Bust loose grip multi-layered skirt wrinkled

Length: 67cm (excluding strap length)

Strap length: 12cm (adjustable)

Bust: 60cm to stretch: 74cm

Hem Width: 136cm

Code : 1817

Price : RM42.00
Fabric: satin slip quality
Style Description: side zipper design with split belt design of the rear hem
Length: 86cm
Shoulder Width: 37cm
Bust: 80cm to stretch to the: 90cm
Waist: 70cm to stretch to the: 79cm
Arm: 36cm

Hem Width: 96cm
Code : 8314
Price : RM37.00
Fabric: Chiffon
Lining: Yes
Other Accessories: waist and back with elastic
Length: 62cm
Bust: 66cm can stretch to: 90cm
Hem Width: 122cm
Code : 1816 (including necklace and belt)
Price : RM42.00
Fabric: Chiffon

Length: 71cm (excluding strap length)

Shoulder length: 12 (adjustable)
Bust: 60cm can be pulled to stretch: 89cm
Waist: 80cm
Hips: 96cm
Hem Width: 50cm
Code : 8425
Price : RM35.00

Fabric: lace

Lining: Yes
Style Description: Halter and adjustable chest straps
Length: 59cm (excluding strap length)

Strap length: 76cm

Bust: 66cm can be pulled to stretch: 88cm

Hem Width: 110cm
Code : 8263
Price : RM40.00
Fabric: lace
Lining: Yes
Length: 78cm

Bust: 80cm can stretch to: 99cm
Hem Width: 116cm